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  Team Name Team Owner Organization Members Created On
Special k killers SpecialK62
1 08-05-17


Name Game Role Type Participants Created On Progress
Steve's Birthday Golf Participant RR 11 02-19-18
Wednesday warm up Participant RR 6 02-14-18
Just for fun Golf Participant RR 6 02-13-18
Kunting around Barry style Bashing kunts Participant RR 8 02-08-18
Beginners clubs only Club Golf Clash Organizer SE 0 01-28-18
Wednesday's big Barry's blues Smashing cheeks barry style Participant RR 5 01-24-18
Fank thuck it's Friday Golf Participant RR 7 01-19-18
Saturday night beaver commons night t4 anything goes Golf Participant RR 13 01-06-18
Friday's fun night Golf Participant RR 12 01-05-18
Second Tourney Participant SE 7 01-03-18
Final two spots of Ryder cup team Golf Clash RC Participant SE 7 01-01-18
Hogmany cunt it up Golf Participant DE 12 12-31-17
Back to basics tour 2 Golf Participant RR 20 12-30-17
Epic night Golf Participant RR 10 12-29-17
Friday night epic fits Golf Participant RR 10 12-29-17